Caring for Preserved Flowers

  1. Please DO NOT WATER Preserved Flowers, Preserved Flower hates water and humidity.
  2. Please avoid direct sunlight and strong light.
  3. Please avoid wind and air from air-conditioning / heater.
  4. Please try not to touch Preserved Flowers and mind your clothes, wall or furniture.
  5. Perfect to keep Preserved Flowers in dust free environment.
  6. - Preserved Flowers uses chemicals and dyes which are safe to our body based on safety regulation for baby toys, but this is a ornamental item.
    - Humidity may cause color fade / breed, liquid leak and petal translucence.
    - There are dyes being used to preserve the color.
Melbourne Florist, Australia
Melbourne Florist, Australia

Caring for Fresh Flowers

Make sure that all stems are submerged in water, and add fresh water to your arrangement daily. Keep your flowers in a cool temperature, away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight.